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The Background: From Space to Earth

TempSmart™ keeps you cool & dry all night every night. TempSmart™ mattress or pillow fabric is capable of detecting body temperature and adapting the evaporation of humidity accordingly! As your body heats up the fabric, the TempSmart™ molecules on fabric push the evaporation “gas pedal”. Extra evaporation reduces humidity and has a cooling effect. TempSmart™ mattresses and pillows keep you comfortably cool and dry and improve the quality of your sleep.
The features of TempSmart™ technology
  • Balances temperature.
  • Feels cool, fresh to touch.
  • Absorbs excess heat to limit overheating.
  • Releases heat to keep you warm.


Spacer Technology for Perfect Air Circulation

A ‘breathing layer’ is created on the bed’s borders with TempSmart™ Spacer Technology to ensure vital air circulation. It also performs pressure relief, thermoregulation and moisture management in one high tech fabric to deliver unparalleled satisfaction of sleep, every night.

TempSmart™ II

Natural Horse Hair

Natural horse hairs are collected from manes of horse and were cleaned and anti-microbial treated. These premium quality horse hairs are fully imported from Europe.

Natural horse hair sprayed with natural latex is ideal for distributing pressure over Pocketed Posture Spring without limiting the elasticity point that the springing system provide.

Why Horse Hair?
The human skin is not only a closed surface but a breathing layer of our body. Through pores and our body hair, the temperature of our body is kept under control. Natural materials such as horse hair, lambswool and cotton are designed to transport the humidity therefore these material go well with our skin, help to evaporate moisture into the air from our skin surface.
Benefits from Horse Hair:
  • Superb air circulation
  • Regulate body temperature
  • Dissipate moisture
  • Superb resilience
  • Improve sleeping comfort

TempSmart™ 3.0

Luxury Precision Springs Features:

  • Specially designed to be sag-resistant
  • Highly resilient weight absorber spring
  • Adjusts instantly to sleep movements
  • Intelligent body support and comfort
  • Up to 28% cooler than foam* bed
Research conducted by Kansas State University and the Institute of Environmental Research shows sleeping on innersprings mattress is 28% cooler in temperature than sleeping on memory foam bed.

Pure Lambswool

Pure lambswool acts as ambient stabilizer in cool and hot weather. Wool absorbs humidity and regulates air moisture naturally, providing a more rested night’s sleep.

Over the years, Slumberland is committed to develop new products that enable customers to enjoy better, healthier sleep. With its breakthrough technology and relentless drive for quality, the brand is today the market leader in the premium bedding products.

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