Slumberland Mattress 10 / 15 – Year Warranty Terms & Conditions

1.     All Slumberland mattresses carry a 10 or 15-year local warranty against manufacturing defects (“the Warranty Period”) from the date of purchase. All Slumberland headboards/divans/ bedframes come with a 2-year Warranty from the date of purchase. The mattress, headboards, divans and bedframes are referred as “the Product”.


2.     The Warranty Period varies according to the models of the purchased product.  If the mattress is repaired or replaced, the Warranty will be neither renewed nor extended.


3.     To enjoy this Warranty, customer should complete online Warranty registration within 60 days from date of delivery.  Customer may contact our customer service hotline at 03 8925 5576 or email us at for enquiry.


4.     The Warranty Period is only applicable at the country of purchase to the first/original purchaser of the Product. The purchaser shall furnish to us the original proof of purchase with the original receipt and this Warranty is not transferrable.


5.     The Warranty only covers defects in workmanship or material. Slumberland Malaysia will repair or replace the damaged parts as well as reserves the right to use other materials with similar quality within the Warranty Period.


6.     The Warranty does not cover mattress fabric and change in softness and recovery time which normally associates with latex or foam over time.


7.     The Warranty only covers standard sizes mattresses and with special sizes up to 200cm X 203cm.

8.     The Warranty does not cover any promotional free gifts or accessories from the mattress purchase at any time.


9.     Mattresses that are not located at the registered address which is stated in the proof of purchase, will be subject to additional inspection to verify that damages are not caused by moving the mattress to a different address.


10. In the following cases, the Warranty will automatically become invalid:–

• Misuse or negligent use, e.g. sitting on the edge of the mattress, standing or jumping on the mattress.  Prolong sitting or standing on the edges of the mattress may cause damage to the borders or frame of the mattress which is not covered by the Warranty.  (Please refer to the information on next section – “Mattress Maintenance and Care”.

• Wilful damage.


• Using of the mattress other than for domestic use (e.g. storage, outdoor activities, etc.).

• Normal wear and tear e.g. body impression on upholstery within 1.5 inches.

• Using an inappropriate bedframe such as wooden slats base or foundation (e.g. insufficient bedframe support).

• Problems caused by natural environment e.g. humidity or damage caused by liquid penetration, cleaning, high power vacuum or the use of cleaning agents.

• Damage caused by natural disasters e.g. fire, flood, earthquake, and etc.

• Damage due to repair or removal by unauthorized person.

• Damage caused by forcing mattress through a narrow door, narrow passage, elevator, staircase, etc.

• Residual of wool caused by electrostatic or usage of high powered vacuum.

• Personal preferences and requirements e.g. firmness, comfort and odour.

• Display item or mattress sold “as is”.

• The mattress is in any unsanitary condition, e.g. due to blood or bodily fluids, stains, soiling and infestation.


11. Upon any manufacturing defects reported by the purchaser during the Warranty Period, a site inspection shall be conducted subject to payment by the purchaser prior to or during the date of inspection.  The cost of inspection at RM80 upon each request (“the Inspection Fee”).  The said Inspection Fee will be waived if the said defect is within the manufacturing defects and claimable under the Warranty Period.

12. Slumberland Malaysia reserves the right to vary and amend any of the above terms and conditions without prior notice and without having to disclose any reason thereof and without any compensation whatsoever.

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