BEWARE! The following unauthorised online resellers have NO relationship with

  • Dr Healthy/ Eugenejingkq – Shopee
  • Ethantkq/ HQL Suite – Shopee
  • Kiwistar2018/ UniqueStyle Design – Shopee
  • Castano Furniture- Lazada
  • The Furniture Living-Lazada
  • HMJX.MY – Shopee
  • 8s0dwo5jbg- Shopee
  • onlybedos-Shopee
  • Courts- Website
  • Luna Living- Lazada
  • Home Living Depot- Shopee
  • Pattern Store Official- Shopee
  • Syarikat Boey Heng Sdn Bhd Online -Carousell
  • Ocean Wave Net- Shopee

Be cautious of unauthorised resellers of Slumberland products as they do not have direct access to Slumberland products. As a result, we cannot vouch for the authenticity of the products sold by unauthorised resellers and we are not responsible for products sold by these unauthorised sellers  -Warranty for purchases from these unauthorised resellers will be voided.

When a warranty request is received, Slumberland will always check the proof of purchase and warranty card. The warranty will be voided if the proof of purchase and warranty card is not from an authorised source. Hence, we advise customers to always check with resellers on their authenticity as authorized reseller.

Slumberland products are only guaranteed when purchased through an authorised source.
You can have the confidence knowing that your Slumberland products are original, high quality and protected by Slumberland warranty.

For more information, please email us at enquiry.my@hildinganders.com or contact our customer service at 03- 8926 8888