Microfibre Bolster

RM130.00 RM80.00

What’s special
  • Experience the ultimate in comfort and hygiene with the Slumberland Microfibre Bolster, meticulously designed to enhance your sleep environment. Perfect for those who desire both softness and cleanliness in their bedding, this bolster features advanced materials and thoughtful construction.
  • This bolster not only improves your sleep quality by providing exceptional comfort but also maintains a clean and allergen-free environment. Whether you’re updating your bedding or looking for extra support, the Slumberland Microfibre Bolster is a perfect choice.
High-quality microfibre Crafted with premium microfibre, this bolster is exceptionally soft and plush, providing superior comfort and a luxurious feel. Its fine fibres are tightly woven to create a durable yet soft texture that cradles your body.
Anti-Dust Mite Technology Equipped with anti-dust mite properties, this bolster helps to reduce allergens in your sleeping area. This feature is especially beneficial for allergy sufferers, ensuring a cleaner, healthier sleep by minimizing exposure to dust mites.
Extra Soft The Slumberland Microfibre Bolster is designed for ultimate softness. Its plush nature offers excellent support while conforming gently to your body, making it ideal for hugging or providing additional back or arm support while you sleep.
Size 94cm (L) x 20cm (H)

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